Mobile Responsive

This year 34 % of organic search traffic and 42% of social visits came from Smartphones and tablets. These numbers are growing. It is critical that your website works properly on mobile devices.

Mobile Responsive is a web design approach aimed at creating sites to provide an optimal viewing experience on all devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. This allows easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices.



You want a stunning, functional design but without paying a fortune. And you don’t want to be in need of an upgrade in six months. HTML5, the present and future of web design, is the answer. When’s the last time you visited a site on your tablet that asked you to install a plugin? Never. Make sure the experience is the same on your website.
Evolve or die!


You Are In Control

Your site is your own. Period.

Almost 25% of all websites online are WordPress sites. You have thousands of developers making WP better every day. WordPress provides the ability to set up your site exactly how you want it. And unlike other frameworks, you don't have to sacrifice performance for customizability.

Don't be held hostage by another web developer. With WordPress you are in control!

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    Dr. Carissa Doherty
  • With our WordPress site, we can now update our site frequently without being concerned with who will do it and when it will be done. Very professional!

    Paul Bradley
  • I’ve done three sites with WeDoWordPress. One new site and two I migrated. It was affordable, seamless and I have been very happy with the support I receive.

    Christopher Dennison
  • We couldn’t believe how little time it took to launch our new site. We uploaded our content and the WeDoWordPress team added it to the site the next day. We now have a new professional looking web site!

    Phil St-Cyr Diotte
  • We now have over 25 sites done by the WeDoWordPress team. We are very thankful for the ability to add our own content into sites that look so awesome!

    Rayburn Lansdell
  • WeDoWordPress made it VERY affordable so we took the plunge and created a great looking site for our restaurant. We are now doing a second site for our catering business. Painless and quick, who would have thought it!

    Jessica Alexopoulos
  • The WoDoWordPress team has been a real joy to work with. Friendly and accessible, our site is always kept current and traffic is growing! The recommendations about the layout have helped create a simple format that all of my constituents can easily navigate.

    Judi Partridge
  • We are very grateful for the work that the WeDoWordPress team has done for our service club. The site is helping us reach into the community and build our list so we can get our message out!

    Hal Bushey
  • The WeDoWordPress team has been very responsive any time we have update requests. They worked with us to build the forms to capture the information that we wanted to capture online. We are very happy with the way the site looks!

    Daniel Coutts
  • I have kept adding sites and the WeDoWordPress team has helped keep the brand consistent in the look and feel of the sites. I get to focus on what is important to my clients without having to worry about my message online. IT REALLY WORKS!

    Dr. Sonya Doherty